Melena A Sexy Outdoor Titties

melena outdoor tits

Here’s a great example of nice tits not only being about the breasts themselves, but also about circumstance and presentation. Sexy Melena A is a girl I found over at Sexart, she’s quite the little hotty with a great natural body and an almost innocent look – at least until she starts getting naked. I love this presentation of her sexy boobies, her tan skin and brown nipples look tasty as they come, those points are hard and oh so suckable! I am not entirely convinced her boobs are real, but she is really quite hot and shows it well, and as I said, sometimes nice tits are all about presentation!

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Cutie Marissa Has Fresh Teen Tits

fresh teen tits

It’s not every day you get to enjoy teen tits as nice as the ones Marissa has. I found this little cutie over at 18Eighteen, showing off her impressive fresh rack. These are what teen tits look like when they are fresh, new, firm, ripe, and probably still growing. Her tits have a wonderful fullness to them, you can almost see that they are still taking shape, they are really nice too. I love the size, more than big enough to squeeze but not so big as to get in the way, and her small nipples look like they need a few good sucks to get them going and to encourage some future growth. It’s sexy as hell to see such a wonderful fresh pair of tits, and seeing such a cute barely legal teen girl showing them off with pride!

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Valory Irene Has Massive Natural Breasts

valory irene big natural tits

Here’s one of those great examples of why nature is so much fun. Meet sexy Valory Irene, and yes, her boobs are entirely natural. I found this set over at Scoreland (not surprising, considering they specialize in truly busty babes), and without a doubt her boobs are impressive. She is reported to measure 42FF-27-38, and every inch of those boobs is a pure act of nature (and perhaps getting lots of milk growing up). No matter how it happens, her big tits are something to behold, a lesson in biggest being not so much better as much as just overwhelmingly impressive and hot. Plus she’s not too bad otherwise, I love her nice shaved pussy too!

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Destiny Moody Hot Sologirl With Nice Tits

destiny moody tits

Destiny Moody is a fresh new amateur girl with her new site open and she is a hotty. This girl has a great looks, a sexy overall vibe, and oh yeah, really nice tits. Her breasts are a study in how nice real natural tits can be, her boobs aren’t massive but they sure are nice and full, and because she has such a petite build otherwise, her breasts look even bigger. They have a nice shape and gentle, natural hang to them, with biggish nipples and just perfect look and feel. She looks super hot in a push up bra, she looks amazing topless, and full nude this girl is all that and more. A perfect example of nice full natural tits!

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Gabriel Hot Blond Babe With Natural Breasts

natural breasts

You have to love a girl with beautiful natural tits, and Gabriel certainly is well equipped. I found this hot babe over at 1 By Day, which is one of the hottest European babes sitea around, they add a new girl every day and they an absolute ton of hot girl on their site as a result. Gabriel’s tits are really nice because they aren’t too big or too small, and her nipples are nice sized and certainly more than suckable. She really seems to love tweaking her nipples to make sure the stand up big and happy for the camera too! This girl is a total babe and a hotty that almost all of us would love to bang!

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Britney S Has Small Tasty Little Tits

small sexy tits

Here’s a girl with a great look and a really nice pair of tits. This is sort of a study in the idea that you don’t need DD cup big tits to get attention. Britney has some nice smaller tits, very nicely shaped and she isn’t shy to show them off. In fact, she’s sort of proud of her smaller boobs, and she gets them out and lets us have a good look – while she rubs and caresses them and seems to enjoy herself quite a bit. Her baps are just fine, a great lesson that size isn’t important for nice tits, but rather shape and content!

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Julia Russian Coed With Big Natural Tits

big tits

if you like girls with big natural boobies, then you will probably really enjoy Julia. I found this girl over at Naughty Neighbors, she’s a Russian hotty who submitted her pics because, well, she’s hot! She’s a hotel clerk, 23 years old and her top measurement is a 36D. Very nice! The pictures were actually taken by a guy who travels to Russia on business a lot, and struck up a relationship with this natural hotty. For students of titology, Julia is proof that a few extra pounds on a girl can often lead to a wonderful pair of bigger tits, if you can accept that the girl isn’t model thin, her big sexy natural breasts are sure to drive you wild!

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Cutie Staci Has Nice Tits

staci has nice tits

Wow Porn continues to blow me away with some truly sexy girls and some hot scenes. Staci caught my eye right off because this girl has a really nice natural rack. Her boobs are a perfect study in big enough but not too big, sort of a B cup or so, soft and a little bit dangling, and they jiggle nicely at all the right moments. She really seems to enjoy showing off her boobs too, this girl is all into it and wants to make sure you see it all. She’s got that sort of naughty girl in your school look, the one who enjoyed all the guys on the football team, if you know what I mean, and I would say they probably enjoyed her very much too, because she has a killer little body. Oh yeah, her pink pussy is just as sweet as her natural tits too, making this a hotty you would love to spend you free time with!

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Wow Girls Anna Tatu Has Really Nice Breasts

anna tatu wowgirls

Keeping with our theory that bigger isn’t always better, let’s look at sexy Anna Tatu from Wow Girls and her beautiful breasts. Anna Tatu has the sort of boobs that some might consider average size, but I personally consider perfect for her shape. Her nice tits are probably C cups, a little on the heavy side but with really nicely placed nipples, they show really well. They certainly look firm and squeezable too, perfect handfuls for enjoying a Sunday football game or handing onto as you fuck her doggy style – yeah, I know you want to! She’s a totally sexy girl with a hot body all around, her beautiful natural breasts match really well with her curvy ass and tasty pussy too. This girl is just hot, proof that a girl doesn’t need huge tits to really get your attention with sexy boobs!

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Sophia Winters Has Lovely Natural Big Tits

sophia winters tits

Sophia Winters has the sort of breasts that seem to be perfect for just about everyone. her natural tits are certainly full enough to be considered big tits, but at the same time, her breasts aren’t so overwhelming as to make her look top heavy. This sexy 18 year old amateur is just perfectly balanced, her big boobs are nice and full and have that sort of nice heavy weight look to them that tells you they are real and wonderful. She seems to get really turned on showing them off, she almost seems surprised that we want to see, but damn, those teen tits are very nice and I wouldn’t want to miss them! She gets all naked and shows off really well too, playing with her pussy and her nipples poking up nice and hard, a perfect pair of breasts for a very sexy teen!

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