More of Sexy Vivi Spice and Her Nice Tits

Written by  on March 11, 2015

vivi spice tits

It’s actually been quite a while since I first featured sexy Vivi Spice on this blog, and almost 2 years later I have to say that she still has some amazing natural tits. She’s matured a bit but still looks amazing, this sexy Latina has the type of natural curvy and sort sexy body you want to spend hours enjoying. Her firm Latina tits are amazing too, they aren’t much bigger than a big B cup, but they are absolutely perfect for her sexy body, with a wonderful tan color and nipples that are just so perfectly placed. Vivi Spice looks amazing overall too, she’s a perfect combination of innocent and naughty, and as she exposed her sexy firm tits to us, you can tell this girl really gets off on knowing we are looking at her hot body and nice tits!

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Jade Nile Naughty Attitude and Great Tits

Written by  on February 27, 2015

jade nile tits

Here at Tits University, we study all kinds of breasts. We like them big, we like them small, but be love them well presented best of all. This scene with sexy Jade Nile is a perfect example of great presentation of some really nice natural tits. Jade Nile has sexy 34C tits and she knows just how to present them to get maximum effect, this cleavage shot and nipple shot is just perfect, and the naughty attitude and look on her face ice the deal completely, this girl is a horny little wench! Best of all, Jade Nile isn’t just for show, she is for go, this scene is from Teens Love Huge Cocks and you can guess what is about to happen to this naughty hotty with the nice tits!

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Rachael Madori Hot Attitude and Perky Natural Tits

Written by  on February 5, 2015

rachael madori

When it comes to appreciating fine tits and getting your bachelors degree in Titology from Tits Univeristy, you have be able to appreciate wonderful tits no matter the size. It’s easy to look at a girl with really big tits and yell “nice jugs babe!”, but it requires a little more skill and subtle thought to find the hottness in smaller naturally sex girls. Rachael Madori is that sort of a girl, a super sexy girl with wonderful natural pair of smaller but very perky tits, and the right attitude and altitude to make them look just fucking wonderful. Rachael Madori’s tits aren’t barely a B cup, but they are perky, well places, a perfect size, and they match her look just right. She knows how to stick them tits up and make them look great!

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Tits University Salutes Miss Chrissy Marie

Written by  on January 25, 2015

miss chrissy marie

We here at Tits University (Tit U) would like to stand up and applaud the very sexy Miss Chrissy Marie for not only having some truly wonderful natural tits, but also in her progress from curvy and fuller figured teen to sexy curvy tight body coed. We first saw Chrissy Marie here, slightly larger all around, meaning bigger boobs but bigger everything else. Fast forward a couple of years, and all that baby fat from her youth has burned off, and in place we find a truly sexy babe with wonderful natural tits and the type of nipples that demand you attention! Her breasts are really nice and natural, giving a pretty deep cleavage for mid-size tits, and those nipples, well, they show up great through everything, just the way we like them! Miss Chrissy Marie is truly a sexy babe, and now with her own personal site, you can get to know this hotty better!

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Nubiles Girl Eveline Beautiful Natural Boobs

Written by  on January 7, 2015

eveline nubiles

Succulent is perhaps the best word to describe Eveline and her perky natural breasts. I found her at Nubiles, they have multiple sets of this girl and an hour long HD video too, so you can really enjoy her sexy body. This set has her in jean shorts and a loose top, and soon the top is gone and those amazing breasts are out. This is a real lesson in natural breasts too, this sexy teen girl’s boobs aren’t huge or anything but they are so nice, you can almost taste them from here! The sexy tanlines just add to it all too, because it really feels like she normally wouldn’t ever show them off. So it’s like peeping in on a virgin, very sexy!

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Malena Morgan Sexy Tits Babe

Written by  on November 30, 2014

malena morgan wowgirls

You only have to take one quick glance at sexy Malena Morgan to realize that this girl is a total babe and that she has nearly perfect mid-sized tits. Our lesson today from Tits University is that not all girls need to be stacked to be hot, and they don’t have to have huge boobs to be somewhat busty too. Malena Morgan has impressive sexy tits, firm and sexy but not so big as to be annoying, but certainly big enough that this sexy babe can do cleavage and perhaps even some gentle titty fucking if you do it right. Overall, her breasts are impressive, and the rest of her sexy body matches! She certainly loves to play with herself!

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Sexy Sologirl xoGisele Has Great Tits

Written by  on October 30, 2014

xogisele tits

For the most part, fake or man made boobs generally aren’t all that nice. Most girls tend to get just way too much, or are trying to turn way too little into something big, and all you get is bag. It’s not pretty! However, a few girls have really great man-made boobs, and one of those girls is sexy sologirl xoGisele. She’s not shy to admit she had her boobs done, and honestly her surgeon needs a big thank you, because he managed to give this sexy blond the boobs that perfectly match her body, without over doing it. Her breasts are succulent, a really nice size, and they move well and look great covered or not. Her nipples are reponsive, her breasts look great, and this sexy girl looks great no matter what!

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Shae Summers Beautiful Naturals Boobs

Written by  on October 17, 2014

shae summers

Shae Summers is a real cutie, a girl with a beautiful pair of natural breasts and she isn’t shy to show them off either. I love this shot from Teens Love Huge Cocks, it’s pre-fuck and she’s teasing the camera with her amazing boobs, and this shot with the shirt pulled down but not off really makes them natural boobs look amazing. She’s just near perfect, a great example of what natural bigger breasts really look like, full, fluffy, and a whole lot of fun to play with!

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Cutie Ariana Marie Nice Tits and Tanlines Too

Written by  on October 6, 2014

ariana marie tits

Ariana Marie is a truly sexy and sweet girl who has taken the porn world by storm, for very good reason. This girl is hot! What I really love about her is that she is very petite (5 foot not much) and yet she has a totally hot, sexy, and curvy little body that totally demands you attention. I think it’s a good lesson for Tits University here to look at her sexy firm small tits and her tan lines, because those two things come together to make this girl’s breasts look amazing. Her smallish nipples are perky as hell and point up at a great angle, and the tanline add even more emphasis to a truly tasty pair of coed tits. You can see just how close those things were to popping out at the beach! This girl is also wildly horny, and she takes on truly huge cocks, making her a real wet dream!

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Hot Babe Tasha Reign Has Nice Tits

Written by  on September 23, 2014


I tend to be a fan of girls with natural breasts, such as Angel Wicky. However, every so often I see a pornstar or model with amazing man made boobs, and I just can’t resist. Tasha Reign has those sort of beautiful man-made tits, and that makes her our star for this edition of Tits University. Tasha Reign is a model, babe, sexy girl, and pornstar, a Penthouse pet from May 2011, she is model hot and super sexy, and her 34D man made tits are just awesome, a near perfect fit for her well built body. Her boobs have a really good shape and generally look pretty good from all angles, and she isn’t shy to show those breasts off. She’s an education in sexy and busty, even if she had a little help to get there!

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