Lia19 has amazing Nipples

Written by  on June 23, 2008 

No study of tits would be anywhere near complete without an in depth study of sexy Lia19 and her absoutely amazing tits and super firm nipples. Lia19 is the sort of girl that almost redefines pokies.

lia19 pushup bra shows off her big nipples

You have to admit, those are some wonderful nipples… and it seems that her nipples are always either rock hard or just about to be rock hard. I think it comes from her love to flashing and posing nude outdoors, I think it keeps her horny all the time and her nipples are full attention

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  2. […] Originally Syndicated via RSS from Tit University […]

  3. George Ashkar says:

    Great site! I love Lia! I have a personal collection of tit pics from girls I have know through my life. I am a nipple lover. I just opened a foot fetish blog. Stay tuned for updates!

  4. Wm. D Wilhelm says:

    Amazing perky nipples! Are they hard enough to tease and pease my dick head?Tickle my frenulum until my precum drools, Lia!Will you nipple fuck my dick head ?Please!I know your gonna love it!

  5. Mr. Very Wellhung says:

    I’ d love to keep Lia 19’s nipples perky for her and she can keep the head of my penis purple! Lia said her nipples are like little erect penises! I know that she likes to have them teased, caressed, kissed, sucked and nibbled on. I’d like to try some vacuum cleaner playtime and ice or yogurt on her nipples until Lia can fuck me in the mouth with her,” little penis like perky nipples”, while she rides me cowgirl style! I’d jizz all over them for her, when she’s done!