Madison Perky and Pierced

Written by  on June 29, 2008 

Perky tits aren’t always small boobs. Some girls have amazing full breasts and they are still very perky indeed… check out sexy Madison here:

madison has perky tits and a pierced nipples too

Those are some perky tits… you know the type, she is walking down the street in a tank top with no bra and her amazing nipples are just poking through the material distracting your eyes and driving you mental… fucking awesome tits! Add to that a nice piercing on her left nipple, and she is pretty much distracting as hell!

See a whole bunch of Madison and her perky tits at Spunky Angels, click here!


8 Responses

  1. […] Originally Syndicated via RSS from Tit University […]

  2. […] Originally Syndicated via RSS from Tit University […]

  3. haha says:

    those are NOT perky. . .they are pointy as hell, and not the slightest bit arousing. . .I love boobs, but yuck!

  4. larry says:

    You are brain dead. They are awesome.

  5. jaydubb says:

    i have to agree larry. Very nice indeed.

  6. dom says:

    yeah I don’t know what your talking about that girl has awesome boobs I’d fuck that girl with no thinking.

  7. yecak says:

    you don’t fuck the tits gentlemen… always keep this in mind. She’s got a pair starin at though doesn’t she?
    rocking body too.

  8. Bob says:

    I would fuck her all night long!!