Chrissy Marie

Tits University Salutes Miss Chrissy Marie

Written by  on January 25, 2015

miss chrissy marie

We here at Tits University (Tit U) would like to stand up and applaud the very sexy Miss Chrissy Marie for not only having some truly wonderful natural tits, but also in her progress from curvy and fuller figured teen to sexy curvy tight body coed. We first saw Chrissy Marie here, slightly larger all around, meaning bigger boobs but bigger everything else. Fast forward a couple of years, and all that baby fat from her youth has burned off, and in place we find a truly sexy babe with wonderful natural tits and the type of nipples that demand you attention! Her breasts are really nice and natural, giving a pretty deep cleavage for mid-size tits, and those nipples, well, they show up great through everything, just the way we like them! Miss Chrissy Marie is truly a sexy babe, and now with her own personal site, you can get to know this hotty better!

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Chrissy Marie Sexy Firm Tits

Written by  on August 26, 2011

I don’t repeat girls very often on this blog, we have a universe of sexy tits to check out and it’s rarely worth going over the same pair again, but I have to make an exception here. Chrissy Marie has firm tits, plain and simple, and they are some of the most impressive breasts I have seen in a while. I featured Chrissy Marie a few months ago, and I actually got email from people who loved her so much. She is part of a site called Spunky Angels, with a bunch of other hot girls, but she is the star for me. Amazing tits, a great smile, and she loves to get naked. Now that’s a good combination!

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Chrissy Marie Has Great Natural Tits

Written by  on May 9, 2011

Spunky Angels adds another hotty,this time It’s Chrissy Marie and her wonderful natural boobs. They aren’t super sized, but they sure ain’t small, and they move so well. She loves to play and show off her tasty tits, and wow, I love checking them out. I think she has great nipples, and her boobs are the kind of natural and firm tits that are still soft enough to push up into a cleavage or to wrap around your cock. The best shot of the set for me is her laying back playing with her pussy, and you can see her hard nipples poking up and see how her natural boobs are full and tasty!

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