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Sexy Violet Has Impressive Natural Tits

Written by  on March 10, 2020
violet ftv girls big tits

Sexy Violet is a Live Cam Girl and model who decided to make her porn world debut with FTV Girls. This girl already loves to get naked, and well, it’s all good for us because her big tits and schoolgirl uniform combine to make her perfect Tits University Material. Her big boobs are apparently all natural, she’s a big girl at 36D-28-40 and carries it all really well. Those tits are amazing, totally a place you want to motorboat all night long!

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Blair Has Long Legs and Amazing Perky Tits

Written by  on September 28, 2016

perky ftvgirls blair

Upswept, perky nipple tits and perky nipples are perhaps the most wonderful thing on the planet, and this time TitU has some really nice ones for you to study. Behond Blair from FTVGirls, a stunning cutie with amazing long legs, a sweet smile, and some truly tasty perky tits. In true FTV Girls fashion, they have this sexy young girl showing off her body outdoors, wearing a slinky black dress and not much else. She exposes her shaved pussy and sexy legs, and finally pulls up to show off those tits. Perfect upswept tits, perky nipples, and a great overall look, this girls breasts poke out at you and beg you to lick and suckle on them all night long – can you imagine sucking those tits outdoors? That’s a whole extra credit Tits University class, I think! THis girl is horny as fuck too, and cums all over her sex toys in some truly hot exclusive HD video, you don’t want to miss this girl!

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Amateur Girl Lindsey Natural Breasts Outdoors

Written by  on December 2, 2015

lindsey ftvgirls

It’s pretty amateur girls like Lindsey with amazing natural breasts who provide the best lessons for Tits University. I found her over at FTV Girls, getting talked into outdoor nudity and showinf of fher hot young body for the very first time. Lindsey is an all natural 19year old with a killer 32DDD-25-36 body, her natual big tits are full and heavy, like real tits should be. She’s smiling nervously as she first shows off her top rated cans, but after a while she gets use to being topless and isn’t shy any more, giving us great looks at her huge boobs. She finally gets into playing with herself too, her big tits on full display as she masturbated like crazy. If you like big natural tits, this girl is certainly a lesson you want to learn!

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Embry Shows Her Pierced Nipples in Public

Written by  on December 11, 2012

embry ftvgirls

Here’s a great example of why FTV Girls is so freaking hot. Meet sexy blond Embry, this 22 year old is doing her first ever topless and nude stuff with FTV, and they have really got this hotty going. She’s got a nice pair of natural big B to small C cup tits, and pierced nipples too. Seeing her take her top off in public, in the middle of a road is quite neat. She’s not shy at all, whipping out her tits and giving us a show, jogging up and down the road. Then she gets full naked and goes jogging again, her sweet breasts jiggling and her ass waving and damn she looks hot. They get her to do all sorts of public nudity, flashing, and even exercising topless in a fairly busy gym. All the way we get to enjoy her beautiful natural tits and hard nubs!

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Newbie Sierra Stunning Big Tits Outdoors

Written by  on December 15, 2011

Okay, today’s update for Tits University is a challenge for all of you to check out. Are they real, or are they not? Sexy Sierra is a newbie 20 something girl I found at FTV Girls, and they claim that her 34DD big tits are all real. I am blown away by her big tits, but they seem almost too firm and too good. But damn, they are nice tits, and this petite girl (under 5 foot tall) is pretty much all boobs. Plus she is actually topless in the middle of an outdoor terrace restaurant, with people around who can’t see, but could really easily. Will she get caught? So your challenge is to go check her out and report back: Are those big tits real or not?

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Meilani Has Nice Big Nipples

Written by  on December 23, 2009

Sexy Meilina is a cutie making her very first nude shots and videos for FTV Girls. This 18 year old is getting naked for the first time on camera, and we get to enjoy her rather sizable tits and full sized nipples. Talk about more than a mouthful, Meilani measures in at a yummy 36DD-24-34, meaning she is a pretty top heavy girl. Her big tits are soft, jiggly, and they move so well, and those nipples are something special. Plenty of time is spent in her first sets on her breasts, including getting another girl to help her with a very sexy breast massage. I just want to suck on her big nipples, they look great!

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Pregnant Julia Shows Off her Milky Big Tits

Written by  on September 7, 2009

Okay, this is a special class for Tits University, today at Tit-U we will enjoy Julia and her milk filled pregnancy titties. She is 5 or 6 months gone, still looking so very sexy (and very horny too, this girl masturbates like crazy), and her tits are just fucking awesome. Her nipples have darkened and the milk is building up, she even squeezes some milk out to show us and her white top ends up wet on both sides. Her breasts look so amazing like this, full and sexy, and damn,I just want to lick them and enjoy a little milk from those massive and wonderful breasts. Totally sexy, totally rare, and very beautiful.

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Nicole is Firm and Ripe

Written by  on June 22, 2009

This girl freaks me out. I found sexy Nicole over at FTV Girls, this 19 year old manages to pull off all the things I find sexy in a girl. She is a cutie, she looks almost too innocent. She has a killer body, and she is a little shy to show it off. But damn, look at those lovely tits! Talk about amazing, her C -cup breasts are just perfect, firm, ripe, and ready for some attention. Oh yeah, Nicole manages to screw with out minds a bit when she pulls her panties to the side and shows off her pierced pussy! She isn’t all that innocent after all, and her nipples are getting very hard as she shows off her tits and rubs her juicy little fuck hole. This hot teen girl is beyond sexy!

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Maria Big Nipples All Natural Boobs

Written by  on September 12, 2008

maria is a hot latina with big nipples and nice natural tits

Once again, the guys over at FTV Girls make my life easy, finding another totally natural hotty with just amazing boobs. These are natural guys, 100% real and nothing added. Check out those nipples, they are more than a mouthful for sure, and the tips get really hard when she is turned on, which is most of the time. Maria’s boobs are real, so they hang a little, move a bunch, and well, just look great. It’s her first time getting nude, so it’s pretty exciting. These are natural D cups!

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Teen Myra Puffy Nipples

Written by  on August 27, 2008

myra has nice tits and puffy nipples

Ahh, puffy nipples. The things of legend for most of us, who might never see actual puffy nipples in real life. But guys, these puffy nipples do exist, as Myra shows us here.

What are puffy nipples? Well, on most girls, when they get excited, cold, or have their breasts played with, the tip of their nipple becomes hard and extends, creating the ever wonderful pokies if a girl is braless. Girls with puffy nipples have their entire nipple area raise and get hard. Look at Myra’s left nipple in this picture, and you can see her puffies coming up nicely!

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