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Cute Lucia Perky and Pierced

Written by  on March 30, 2010

Ahh, what a wonderful sight this girl is. Sexy Lucia is a Euro coed with just a wonderful pair of tits. She is a study in perky. Her tiny tits aren’t so small as to be micro, nice little handfuls for most of us. But it’s those perky nipples that make everything perfect, they point up just at the right angle and look ready for a good licking at any moment. Plus as a bonus, her right nipple is pierced too. Sexy stuff! The best part is even when she lays back, her titties are still nice and her nipples point up just fine, a fine example of why smaller can be better!

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Calista Has Firm Tits and Puffy Nipples

Written by  on November 9, 2009

The reward for souring the net looking for great tits is every so often you fall upon a pair of breasts so nice, so yummy, that it is a little hard to describe what you are seeing. Calista from Glossy Angels has those tits. Firm? Check. Nice nipples? Check. Nice size breast? Check! Puffy Nipples? CHECK! Sexy tan skin? CHECK! If there is a list of all the things that can be right with a pair of breasts, Calista would just hit all the check marks. Her puffy nipples are amazing, her firm breasts a treat, and Calista overall is a total hotty, with nice curves everywhere else too!

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Natasha Firm and Ripe

Written by  on July 30, 2008

This is another lesson from Tit University in how the largest breasts aren’t always the best, and that sometimes the perfect pair of tits makes the girl oh so much hotter.  Meet Natasha:

natsha has firm and ripe tits

As soon as I set eyes on this sexy coed and her amazing tits, I knew you guys would love her. This is what the whole firmness of youth thing is all about. This girl is barely legal for getting naked, and you can tell from the amazing shape and firmness of her perfect tits. her look is very sexy, but it is those perfect tits that take her from sexy to downright wet dream.

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