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Hot Model Cherie Has Nice Sized Tits

Written by  on June 26, 2013

cherie tits

Some girls just have a look that is so hard to resist, and certainly Cherie is one of those girls. She’s a model babe who sometime uses the name Nevena, a real hotty with one of those bodies that just doesn’t quit. What is most interesting for us is her very nice tits, a really nice sized pair of breasts that are both big enough to enjoy, and small enough not to get in the way. It’s sort of remarkable that her breasts are maybe a B cup, yet in many ways they look bigger. She certainly knows how to stick them up proudly! She loves to get naked and show off her sexy body and small, firm tits, and she gets off on camera playing with her pussy outdoors, naughty girl!

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Cutie Anita Has Nice Tits and Nipples

Written by  on May 27, 2009

What a wonderful pair of tits! I found sexy Anita over at In Focus Girls, and this sexy coed is in the process of stripped down and giving us lessons on how hot a girl can be. What a great look too, really nice eye and million watt smile keep you dazzled, and her soft dark tanned skin is just amazing. Her tits are perfect cones, capped by some really big nipples that look like they might be willing to get a little puffy! Excellent full size nipples, plenty to suck and lick on for a while! Anita isn’t too shy, so she ends up totally naked, playing with her pink pussy and giving us amazing views of all of her assets, including her wonderful tits!

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