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Kristina Rose Has Great Tits

Written by  on August 4, 2012

Sexy tits are one of those things that is perhaps hard to quantify, but like many things, you know it when you see it. So I wasn’t shocked to realize that 3 years ago I also have an entry on this site for Kristina Rose, because this girl just has some truly damn sexy tits. Smaller tits for sure, but firm, ripe, and capped with hard perky nipples that just beg for a good sucking. It’s also amazing to see a hot pornstar girl who has managed to resist the pressure to get bigger tits. So many girls make that mistake, and ruin what are perfect breasts. Kristina Rose proves that pornstars can have smaller tits and still be very sexy, especially when those small tits are so fucking nice!

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Kristina Rose Firm and Ripe Tits

Written by  on August 12, 2008

Firm. Perky. Solid. Ripe. All good words to describe Kristina Rose’s impressive tits. They aren’t the hugest tits you will find, but they are certain amoungst the most firm, full, and upright you will find.

firm perky teen tits on sexy kristina rose

Sexy Kristina Rose has been around for about a year in the porn world now, first appearing as Kristinarose at Nubiles, and then making her debut on College Teen Bookbang. This hotty proves that 36-24-26 isn’t always the perfect dimension, and that the right size girl can often have the best tits around!

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