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Jasmine Caro Serves Up Some Tasty Boobs

Written by  on December 18, 2017

tasty boobs

There is no doubt that Jasmine Caro has tasty boobs. This shot from Naughty Office has her presenting her yummy chesticles in a way that is hard to resist! I love the smile as she grabs her boobs and shoves them towards the camera, teasing you into licking her hard nippers. Yeah, her boobs aren’t entirely natural, but she is one of those rare girls who has had a little boost and her tits still look yummy, delicious, and like something you would want to spend an hour or two suckling on! Plus this scene is hardcore with plenty of titty attention, and in the end the guy cums all over her firm tits. I would love to cum all over her tasty boobs too, wouldn’t you?

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Maddy Orielly Yummy Small Firm Tits

Written by  on April 23, 2015

maddy oreilly

Here at Tits University, we are all about nice tits. Big, small, or in between, it’s not the size that matters as much as just how fucking nice those boobies are. So this time out we feature sexy Maddy O’Reilly and her wonderfuly sexy small but firm tits. Maddy’s tits are just so nice, firm perky breasts that aren’t big but they certainly get your attention, the nipples are slightly oversized to her tits and they really stand out nice, begging for a little tongue lashing. She loves to get naked and fuck too, and this scene from Naughty Bookworks gets this small breasted student into plenty of hot action with her teacher. Those yummy schoolgirl tits are more then enough to seal the deal!

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Rachael Madori Hot Attitude and Perky Natural Tits

Written by  on February 5, 2015

rachael madori

When it comes to appreciating fine tits and getting your bachelors degree in Titology from Tits Univeristy, you have be able to appreciate wonderful tits no matter the size. It’s easy to look at a girl with really big tits and yell “nice jugs babe!”, but it requires a little more skill and subtle thought to find the hottness in smaller naturally sex girls. Rachael Madori is that sort of a girl, a super sexy girl with wonderful natural pair of smaller but very perky tits, and the right attitude and altitude to make them look just fucking wonderful. Rachael Madori’s tits aren’t barely a B cup, but they are perky, well places, a perfect size, and they match her look just right. She knows how to stick them tits up and make them look great!

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Dillion Harper Tits and Tanlines

Written by  on May 23, 2014

dillion harper tits

Dillion Harper is a girl who has interested me from the first time I set eyes on her, but oddly because I don’t find her exactly as attractive as some of the other porn girls, but I see plenty of guys facinated with her. Certainly since her early days in porn she has refined her look and had some of the best people in the photo and video world with her on her look, and now she’s getting really close to screaming hot. I love her tits, they are natural and tasty looking. I also love tanlines, and she has some very clear tanlines on her tits, very nice. she is one of the few girls I have seen who can pull this type of tanline look off without looking all weird and semi-flat chested. Rather these tanlines seem to make her nice natural tits look even bigger. A truly sexy girl with a wonderful natural chest!

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Sexy Adriana Kelly Natural D-cups

Written by  on October 27, 2010

What a wonderful pair of tits! I found sexy newcomer Adriana Kelly over at Naughty America being, well, naughty. This 20 something latina Coed is one sexy girl, and I love her big natural tits. Talk about full, and round, those titties are just wonderful. Great tanlines too! She is tiny otherwise, at 5 foot 3 and wearing a size 0. That makes her big natural boobs even more impressive. Plus she goes all the way in this hot scene from Naughty America, and she looks great. Dude is in there squeezing and playing with those nice tits, sucking on her nipples and having a great time. I know I would too!

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