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Julia Russian Coed With Big Natural Tits

Written by  on January 4, 2014

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if you like girls with big natural boobies, then you will probably really enjoy Julia. I found this girl over at Naughty Neighbors, she’s a Russian hotty who submitted her pics because, well, she’s hot! She’s a hotel clerk, 23 years old and her top measurement is a 36D. Very nice! The pictures were actually taken by a guy who travels to Russia on business a lot, and struck up a relationship with this natural hotty. For students of titology, Julia is proof that a few extra pounds on a girl can often lead to a wonderful pair of bigger tits, if you can accept that the girl isn’t model thin, her big sexy natural breasts are sure to drive you wild!

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Nice Tits on Sexy Coed Charlie

Written by  on March 21, 2013

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I love amateur and read submitted sites like Naughty Mag when it comes to finding girls with great or interesting tits that you won’t see on any other site. Their Naughty Neighbors thing has been running since before the internet in their magazines, and they have become one of the best places for breasts of all sorts. Like 19 year old Charlie, a nice looking coed from North Carolina. She’s got nice tits for sure, full sort of almost ski hill things, perky nipples, nice firm and ripe. She’s very proud to show them off too, her husband (at 19? wow!) says she has a nice body and great tits and wanted us to see them too. Fucking awesome, I like her firm tits for sure, and I love her sweet smile and simple sexuality. She loves to fuck, especially in the morning, and I would say if I had to wake up to those firm tits in my face each day, I would be happy to do her every time the sun comes up!

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Amateur Kacie Has Small Tits and Great Nipples

Written by  on June 21, 2011

Sometimes it takes an amateur girl to prove that nice tits don’t always have to be big. I found sexy Kacie at NaughtyMag’s Naughty Neighbors site, and I have to say that this girls small firm tits caught my eye right away because they are capped with some truly wonderful nipples. They are almost puffy nipples, but not entirely, but they are perfectly sized and positions, perky as hell, and they just look like they could use to be sucked for hours. Her small tits are very firm too, and she is very proud to show off her sexy upper assets!

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