Sweet Aria Logan Has Perky Tits

Written by  on October 16, 2020
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Here at Tits University, we are always studying hard to find the next great pair of boobs. There are so many to choose from, but this time out we go full on perky tits with sexy Aria Logan. This girl is smoking hot and her B cup tits are so freaking perky, they should be illegal. I love that her hard nipples point up at just such a wonderful angle, and I love how this girl shows off her nearly perfect young tits. An awesome girl with a wonderful pair of perky tits!

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Lolah Puffy Nipples Redhead

Written by  on September 5, 2019
puffy nipples redhead

Well, second time in a row that we get to study puffy nipples, this time out we get to enjoy Lolah, a hot redhead with nice full boobs and large puffy nippers! I found Lolah at Nubiles, they seem to always have the hottest new solo girls showing off the goods, and Lolah certainly has nice tits. She’s a natural girl, maybe a big B or small C cup, tasty, and her nipples are big, puffy, and certainly begging for attention. I love this girls look, she’s serious in some shots, laughing in others, and you can tell she’s really into showing off her tits and pussy for the camera. Good thing, we love to have nice fresh tits to enjoy and study at Tit University!

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Secilia Perky Tits and Puffy Nipples

Written by  on December 29, 2018

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Now here’s a girl we can study nearly endlessly, because her perky tits and just fucking awesome. I found Secilia Model in this hot set from Nubiles, this little Hungarian babe is a true stunner in all ways, from her great looks to her shaved and very wet pussy. But those perky tits really catch my eye, her nipples are lightly puffy, you can see them lifting up, and you know this girl has the right attitude sticking those small tits up and saying “hey, check this things out!”. It’s stujdy in less being more, at least when it comes to her rather tasty perky tits!

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Mai Thai Sexy Asian With Tiny Natural Breasts

Written by  on September 21, 2016

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Tits University celebrates all sizes of tits and all nationalities, and with that in mind our international course will continue with the lovely tiny Asian tits of sexy Mai Thai. I found this sexy young thing in exclusive sets from Nubiles, showing off her perfectly formed young little breasts. Mai Thai’s tiny Asian tits are fucking awesome for sure, a perfect pair of small tits for lovers of smaller, firmer, fresher looking breasts. Mai Thai is super sexy too, with a surprise down below when you find out her Asian pussy is shaved and she has a pierced pussy too! Now that’s surprising from a tiny petite Asian girl with such an innocent look and lovely natural titties, don’t you think? Study hard, this girl will make you hard when you study!

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Bisexual Becky Stone Nice Natural Breasts

Written by  on April 8, 2015

becky stone

Becky Stone has some amazing breasts, no doubt about it. I found her in these exclusive shots from Nubiles, showing off those wonderful boobs and looking kind of fierce doing it too. They say about her:

22 year old bi-sexual brunette, Becky Stone, has one of the best pair of tits Nubiles has seen! They are soft, full, perky, and large with pale pink nipples that are a perfect mouthful. Becky loves to masturbate and makes her shaved pussy cum with ease!

Those boobs are fucking awesome, listed as 34B but they look bigger and even more tasty, and the hard nipples are really nice and friendly looking. This girl really knows how to show off her luscious tits the right way, making them B cups look amazing no matter which way you look at her.

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Nubiles Girl Eveline Beautiful Natural Boobs

Written by  on January 7, 2015

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Succulent is perhaps the best word to describe Eveline and her perky natural breasts. I found her at Nubiles, they have multiple sets of this girl and an hour long HD video too, so you can really enjoy her sexy body. This set has her in jean shorts and a loose top, and soon the top is gone and those amazing breasts are out. This is a real lesson in natural breasts too, this sexy teen girl’s boobs aren’t huge or anything but they are so nice, you can almost taste them from here! The sexy tanlines just add to it all too, because it really feels like she normally wouldn’t ever show them off. So it’s like peeping in on a virgin, very sexy!

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Cute Newbie Clover Has Small Firm Tits

Written by  on August 7, 2014


This weeks lesson from Tits University is one of size not being the most important factor to a girl having nice tits. Yes, big tits are obviously yummy, but small firm tits are also very nice. I found sexy Carie at Nubiles showing off her very lovely rack, a nice pair of tits that are firm, ripe, and with the type of nipples that stand out like pencil erasers and most certainly get your attention. Her natural 34B tits are most wonderful, and they are a perfect counter to her full lush ass. This girl is a true lesson in firm tits!

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Felicity Jade Pop Out Titties

Written by  on July 28, 2013

felicity jade tits

I had to laugh when I saw this shot of Felicity Jade, because it made me think back to the old MTV show Pop Up Video… in this case, it’s pop up titties. Her dress is quite sexy and more than a little distracting, and it’s pretty funny to see her boobies popping out. Nice perky things too, she doesn’t have big tits but they are nice and totally suckable, the soft of boobs that pop out just so well. She’s super sexy too, and when you see her fully nude her natural breasts look even better, this is the sort of girl you wish you could wake up next to every morning, just so you could suck on her tasty nipples for a while!

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Grace Hartley Has Really Nice Tits

Written by  on April 7, 2013

grace hartley tits

One of the nicest things about tits is that they come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has an opinion on what’s really best. This week’s lesson from Tits University is that sometimes, just about everyone can agree on tits. The girl of the week is Grace Hartley, she did these sets for Nubiles and she looks just hot as can be. 20 year old Grace has a nice natural body listed at 34-24-34 with B cups up top, and they are great. These are the types of tits almost everyone can agree on, they may not be exactly what you prefer, but they are nice, full jugs, they fit this girl really nicely, and her nipples are big, full and easy to find. Even better, this sexy Czech girls also has a nearly perfect pussy to match, making her really hot.

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Cutie Jaslene Jade Has Sexy Firm Tits

Written by  on June 7, 2012

Jaslene Jade has amazing tits, pure and simple. Her beautiful teen tits are a lesson in the miracle of youth, with her mounds being both smaller and incredibly firm and ripe. This sexy 18 year old loves to show off her 34B tits, and they stand up so well it’s hard to resist. They are firm, ripe cones of titty flesh, tasty and perfect. She loves to stick them out and let us check out her firm teen tits and hard nipples,that is for sure. She’s a hotty, totally into showing off, playing with herself, and she loves to fuck too! Can you imagine getting this sexy hot teen on your jock, riding as you play with her incredibly firm tits? Damn, there is a lesson I want to learn!

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