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Hot Clea Has Very Firm Tits

Written by  on March 26, 2012

Today’s lesson from Tits University is all about firmness. The sort of firmness that is often searched for, but rarely found. I spotted sexy Clea at Only Cuties, and what caught my eye was as she pulls off her bikini / bra top, her sexy tits don’t move a millimeter. Her tits are full, and they are so firm that they just stand up there ripe and ready for attention. These are succulent firm tits, that is for sure! The nipples are perfect too, perky and pointing just slightly up, perfect for matching with your mouth as you lean in to suckle on her sweet tits. This is a lesson in not more of less, but in firmness and ripeness and ready for suckablity. Clea passes all the tests, that is for sure!

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Cutie Peggy Is a Big Nipples Schoolgirl

Written by  on February 5, 2012

Today’s lesson from Tits University is that not only do tits come in all sorts of sizes, but the nipples do too! Peggy is a big nipple schoolgirl, plain and simple. SHe’s got nice B cup tits, good sized, but they are capped with nipples and areola almost as big as the tits themselves. Her huge nipples are effectively puffy nipples, they stand out from her boobs and really puffy up when she is horny, and that seems to be all the time. I mean, as soon as this girl gets naked, I bet you cannot take your eyes off her big nipples, and you will want to suck on them just to see what happens. She’s a hotty, and those nipples are just so distractingly hot!

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Exotic Kyra has Amazing Firm Tits

Written by  on May 1, 2010

Kyra is exotic as all hell, and totally sexy! I found her at Only Cuties, doing a nice strip down and masturbation set. What caught my eye are her really nice firm boobs. I can’t tell if they are entirely real or not, but them seem to be mostly because they aren’t super sized. Damn, they are so nice, and they fit her body perfectly. Kyra is truly an exotic looking girl, a seeming combination of all sorts of backgrounds. Check out those lips guys, don’t you think she would look great giving you a blowjob? Perhaps you could be squeezing and playing with her firm tits as she does it. Damn, I would love to suck on those nipples, they look perfect. Another cutie for sure!

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Blonde Mia Has Firm Tight Boobs

Written by  on October 5, 2009

Some girls are just so lucky when it comes to getting nice boobs. Mia here is a really sexy teen with a cute smile and a long, lean body. Her boobs are absolutely perfect, firm and ripe, not too huge and certainly there, and they look wonderful. She knows how to tease too, what a nice shot of those cute boobies out from under her sweater. Mia finally gets totally naked for us and masturbates like crazy, her nipples get really hard as she cums too! This cutie knows how to show it off, and how to please too!

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Cutie Avery Has Succulent Titties

Written by  on July 6, 2009

I think that cute girl Avery has got the most lickable breasts I have seen in a while. Talk about firm and lovely, I don’t think they are entirely real, but they are entirely lovely! I get a real thrill out of a girl sticking her boobs out like this, and Avery gives us plenty of nice angles to enjoy those breasts.

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