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Lolah Puffy Nipples Redhead

Written by  on September 5, 2019
puffy nipples redhead

Well, second time in a row that we get to study puffy nipples, this time out we get to enjoy Lolah, a hot redhead with nice full boobs and large puffy nippers! I found Lolah at Nubiles, they seem to always have the hottest new solo girls showing off the goods, and Lolah certainly has nice tits. She’s a natural girl, maybe a big B or small C cup, tasty, and her nipples are big, puffy, and certainly begging for attention. I love this girls look, she’s serious in some shots, laughing in others, and you can tell she’s really into showing off her tits and pussy for the camera. Good thing, we love to have nice fresh tits to enjoy and study at Tit University!

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Secilia Perky Tits and Puffy Nipples

Written by  on December 29, 2018

perky tits puffy nipple

Now here’s a girl we can study nearly endlessly, because her perky tits and just fucking awesome. I found Secilia Model in this hot set from Nubiles, this little Hungarian babe is a true stunner in all ways, from her great looks to her shaved and very wet pussy. But those perky tits really catch my eye, her nipples are lightly puffy, you can see them lifting up, and you know this girl has the right attitude sticking those small tits up and saying “hey, check this things out!”. It’s stujdy in less being more, at least when it comes to her rather tasty perky tits!

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Alice Upton Has Insanely Huge Puffy Nipples

Written by  on July 31, 2017

huge puffy nipples

One of the lesser researched areas of Tits University are puffy nipples. This is where the nipple actually juts out from the breast in a significant cone shape. It’s actually more common than people think, but is only truly visible on girls Alice Upton with her insanely huge puffy nipples. Alice Upston is only a 32A, so in their lovers of tits are pretty much gone. But those puffies are insane and more than enough to keep anyone’s attention. It’s as ifmost of her breast is nipple, and when she gets horny (which seems to be all the time) those thing stand way out there as perfect targets for your oral assault – yes, you would love to study her tits and huge puffy nipples by sucking on them and seeing how big they really get!

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Kylie Rose Uses Her Tits as the Password

Written by  on June 12, 2016

kylie rose cumfiesta

Cumfiesta is a site that has been around for a very long time, and they have a huge collection of hot girls getting their faces and tits covered in cum. The best part for boobie lovers like us is that the tits are the password to get into the house, so they always have great shots of the girls yummy tits. This new episode features a girl naked Kylie Rose, she’s a curvy young thing with small boobs but with great nipples, I would say almost puffy nipples, and she knows exactly how to present them to get us to turn into deer in the headlights of her high beams! Those small boobs are very tasty indeed, her nipples really poke out and in the end, the guy unloads all over her face and the cum drips down on to her tasty young tits too. Certainly a Tits University lesson in sexy breast play!

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Great Tits With Alexis Adams

Written by  on July 27, 2015

alexis adams tits

This isn’t the first time I have had sexy Alexis Adams on this blog, and for good reason: This girl has truly distracting tits! While her boobs are listed as 36C, it’s not the measurement size so much as the presence of Alexis Adams tits that gets your attention. They are full, they are lush, and her nipples are puffy and ever hard and ready for attention! She stated in porn as a cutie at 18, but now she’s matured into a totally sexy coed with tits that just don’t quit. It’s amazing to see the girl going hardcore, and even more impressive to get an education in sexy tits as she does it!

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Sexy Alexis Adams Has Really Nice Tits

Written by  on April 24, 2012

Damn, this girl has exactly the type of tits that attract my eye so fast. I found teen cutie Alexis Adams over at 18Eighteen, and as soon as I saw her top drop, I was sold on how hot this girl is. Great tits really, full and ripe, and most important capped off with very light but very large nipples. They are even sort of almost semi puffy nipples too, standing out a bit, you can really see it when she is sideways. Fucking awesome boobs, I could spend an hour motorboating on them without any issues… what about you?

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Cutie Peggy Is a Big Nipples Schoolgirl

Written by  on February 5, 2012

Today’s lesson from Tits University is that not only do tits come in all sorts of sizes, but the nipples do too! Peggy is a big nipple schoolgirl, plain and simple. SHe’s got nice B cup tits, good sized, but they are capped with nipples and areola almost as big as the tits themselves. Her huge nipples are effectively puffy nipples, they stand out from her boobs and really puffy up when she is horny, and that seems to be all the time. I mean, as soon as this girl gets naked, I bet you cannot take your eyes off her big nipples, and you will want to suck on them just to see what happens. She’s a hotty, and those nipples are just so distractingly hot!

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Teen Becky Has Amazing Natural Tits

Written by  on October 11, 2010

Damn, I am really liking this girls tits. Becky is a girl from Club Seventeen that caught my eye pretty quickly because damn, she has got great tits. They have to be C cup, maybe even a little bigger, natural, and very firm looking. She even has gently puffy nipples, you can see them puffing up a bit and really capping off her tits nicely. Her teen tits are just full, ripe and wonderful, a perfect example of the amazing things that come in barely legal teens. I would love to be squeezing those tits, wouldn’t you?

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Black Angelica Has Amazing Tits and Nipples

Written by  on August 17, 2010

For some girls, it’s all about their boobs, the size, or the shape, or whatever. With Black Angelica, it’s all about her amazing nipples that cap off her nice natural big B to small C cup titties. This Romanian hotty has been featured in a ton of hot hardcore porn scenes and sexy magazine style shoots, and it’s easy to see why. Her dark good looks and her amazing body combine to give her a stunning look. Those nice tits are so good too, nice and well shaped, not at all hanging or anything, and capped with puffy nipples that are almost always up and ready for some attention. Her right nipple in particular is a serious puffy nipple, the entire nipple and areola puff right up big and hard. Damn, those tits would be fun to suck on for a while, wouldn’t they?

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Angel Pink Nice Smaller Tits

Written by  on July 4, 2010

Today’s lesson from Tit University is how a girl doesn’t have to have big tits to still have some really, really nice tits. I found Angel Pink at Private Porn, looking absolutely tasty. This 20 something Romanian coed has got a super tight body, and totally amazing eyes. She looks hot even before the shirt comes off. Then she pulls it back to expose her firm A cups and puffy nipples, and I am in love! Her small tits are firm, ripe, and just perfect, with a nice full shape and all, and as you can see, her nipples are puffy and really nice – check out the side shot later in the gallery to see how puffy her nipples are, you can see where they start. Amazing stuff. Those are the type of tiny tits I could spend some time working on!

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