Kaytee Carter Is Busting Out Naturally

Written by  on January 25, 2016

kaytee carter

Breasts come in all sorts of sizes, from tiny tits to really huge boobs. In the case of Kaytee Carter, there is no way to deny that her boobs are awesomely huge, and certainly worth some attention here at Tits University. Kaytee Carter has the type of boobs that can’t hide, can’t really be kept under control, and always stand up and join the conversation. Kaytee’s 34I-30-34 measurements tell a whole lot of the story, she’s not a petite girl but that only helps to puff up her big tatas even more. I mean, fuck me, I cup tits? Those big hooters must take ages to put into a bikini top, and it only takes seconds for her large pink nipples to come into view and finally for her huge tits to fly loose and start jiggling all over the place. Can you imagine her riding your cock cowgirl style, with her big titties bouncing all over the place? You would have to hold on to them for sure!

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Lola Hot Sweet Big Natural Breasts

Written by  on October 28, 2015

lola hot big tits

Big or small, Tits University loves them all! This time out we get to check out sexy Lola Hot and her big natural boobies. We are talking 38DD’s here, totally natural and very nice indeed. Lola Hot’s real boobs are nice because they move, they jiggle, they wiggle, and they do everything real tits are suppose to do, and that is wonderful. In a land full of rubber tits pornstars, it’s really sexy and nice to see a girl with big natural tits. Lola Hot knows how to present them big hooters too, giving Tits University readers a real lesson in how to show off big natural tits at their best. Definately motorboating material, what do you think?

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Valory Irene Has Massive Natural Breasts

Written by  on March 15, 2014

valory irene big natural tits

Here’s one of those great examples of why nature is so much fun. Meet sexy Valory Irene, and yes, her boobs are entirely natural. I found this set over at Scoreland (not surprising, considering they specialize in truly busty babes), and without a doubt her boobs are impressive. She is reported to measure 42FF-27-38, and every inch of those boobs is a pure act of nature (and perhaps getting lots of milk growing up). No matter how it happens, her big tits are something to behold, a lesson in biggest being not so much better as much as just overwhelmingly impressive and hot. Plus she’s not too bad otherwise, I love her nice shaved pussy too!

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Goldie Ray Shows Off Her Large Natural Breasts

Written by  on April 13, 2013

goldie ray big tits

Today’s lesson it Titology comes from our friends over at Scoreland, they know a thing or two about girls with big tits, and certainly Miss Goldie Ray qualifies in that department. This girl is all into retro stuff, and her hairstyle and look is sort of 50s or 60s, and she loves it. Her body is really nice too, natural and not model thin, but that helps to give her some incredible big tits. She is listed at 39E-27-37, and those tits are all natural and all tasty. She isn’t shy to show them off either, they are quite firm for their size and her nipples very light in color but quite big too. She’s got that sassy attitude that says “yeah, let’s fuck!”, and with tits like that< I doubt she has any problem finding someone to help her out! Check out more of Goldie Ray’s sexy big tits at Scoreland, they have multiple sets of this hot girl in action!

Mandy Pearl Naturally Busty UK Babe

Written by  on January 6, 2011

This time out, your Tits University education is in the miracle of girls with huge natural tits. Our subject today is the impressive Mandy Pearl, a full time beautician and part time model for hair styling shows from the UK, she was talked into getting naked for some photoshoots, and soon it became clear that she has something truly special: Natural big tits. Mandy Pearl is an all natural 36F, her tits are massive. Unlike many of the mega busty models out there, Mandy isn’t a huge girl, she is a little big, but certainly not on the BBW scale. She is certainly stacked, and those tits are amazing. Big, full, ripe, and they look heavy as they come. You could be motorboating these huge titties for ages! It is great in a world full of ugly unnatural silicone wonder boobs to see some truly exceptional natural big tits!

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